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Announcing Goodcover Renters Insurance in Texas, Arizona, and Nevada!

Announcing Goodcover Renters Insurance in Texas, Arizona, and Nevada!

Today I’m proud to announce that Goodcover has launched affordable renters insurance in three new states: Texas, Arizona, and Nevada. These three states join California and now have access to comprehensive renters insurance plans starting at highly affordable prices. That’s reason to celebrate.

We launched Goodcover in California two years ago with a simple mission: to bring fair insurance to everyone. Expanding the business nationwide has always been our goal, and I’m excited to kick that expansion off today.

If you’re in Texas, Arizona, or Nevada, we hope to earn your business. Keep reading to learn more about:

  • The Goodcover Difference
  • What Renters Insurance Covers in Texas, Arizona, and Nevada
  • What’s Next For Goodcover

The Goodcover Difference:

What makes Goodcover unique, anyway? At our core, we want to return insurance to its cooperative roots; the way insurance used to run before greed got in the way. We want to make money serving our Members – not betting against them. Here’s what our Members like most about us:

Goodcover makes good coverage affordable.

Goodcover understands that insurance isn’t a luxury good – it’s a necessity that keeps families protected. We want to make it easier for renters to afford insurance,
and we do this in three ways. First, we cut our overhead – no unnecessary spending or celebrity endorsements here. Second, we digitize the entire process and pass the savings on to you. Third, we use a precise assessment that overcomes traditional biases – many of which have existed in the industry for decades – to ensure we don’t overcharge our Members.

Plus, it takes just under a minute to get a Goodcover quote – saving you plenty of time.

Goodcover is Member-driven.

Goodcover is an insurance cooperative, meaning all of our Members take care of each other. It's how people founded the insurance industry over 100 years ago – but it's changed a bit since then.

Here’s how it works: we use our precise risk assessment and charge you exactly what you should be paying for renters insurance. We pool all of the Member premiums, take a flat fee for claims and operating costs, and use the rest for claims. Whatever isn’t used gets returned to you annually.

In 2021, Goodcover returned 1.93% of the collected premiums to its Members. The Annual Member Dividend has garnered loyalty with our Members in California. In fact, the percentage of Members who say they'd recommend us to a friend is twice the industry average, and I’m really proud of that.

Goodcover is designed with Members in mind.

It's important to me that you can communicate in a way that feels comfortable for you when you have an emergency. So, I staff my team with humans who have worked in the insurance industry for decades. Goodcover Members can reach support through chat, email, or phone.

We make customer service a priority. We’ll review your current policy with you, help you cancel your badcover if you decide to switch over, and we provide helpful resources on our blog to help you become a more informed tenant.

"As a millennial new to the insurance world, I was dreading finding the right insurance coverage. Luckily, I found Goodcover and it was refreshingly easy to use and understand. I’ve had peace of mind ever since!" -Claire, San Francisco
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What Renters Insurance Covers in Texas, Arizona, and Nevada

We’re bringing the same fair and modern insurance coverage that we’ve provided in California to one-third of American renters as a result of this expansion, with just a few tweaks. Here’s what you get when you purchase a Goodcover policy:

Liability Protection:

Our standard GOOD renters policies include liability coverage, which offers financial protection if you’re found legally liable for another person’s injury or property damage. Liability coverage pays for your legal expenses, the injured party’s medical expenses, missed wages, and the cost to repair damaged property.

New for Texas, Arizona, and Nevada: Your liability protection now includes water damage done to your landlord’s property, and it also covers damage to government property if you’re a public employee.

Personal Property Coverage:

This protection kicks in if your stuff is stolen or damaged, whether you’re inside or outside of your home (yes, even in another country). So if your laptop gets swiped from a cafe or if a fire destroys your record collection, renters insurance can ease the burden of getting your stuff replaced.

Loss of Use / Temporary Housing Coverage:

Loss of use” in a renters insurance policy, sometimes known as Coverage D, or the much easier-to-remember name of temporary housing coverage, pays for your additional living expenses if your rental is not habitable due to a covered loss, such as a burst pipe that causes water damage. This coverage hasn’t changed at all from our California policies. You can read more about what’s covered in our temporary housing coverage blog post.

If you’re ready to get a quote, the process takes under a minute. Get your free quote today.

What’s Next for Goodcover?

So, what’s next for us?

Renters around the country are facing record-high rents and more would-be homebuyers are turning towards renting, given the high mortgage rates, inflation, and lack of available housing.

I believe this makes Goodcover’s mission more important than it ever has been. We’re committed to making renters insurance easier for more people to afford by keeping our rates and overhead costs low. We know that fair finance for renters is hard to come by, and we remain dedicated to bringing affordable, modern renters insurance to more people.

To that end, we’re working toward expanding to our next set of states. It's my goal that we'll be able to reach 50% of renters in the United States within a year. If you’re in a state that doesn’t offer Goodcover yet, enter your zip code on our homepage, and we’ll email you when we’re there.

To expand as we’d like to, we’ll need to grow our fully-remote team. So, we’re hiring! If you’re interested in working with us, check out our Careers page.

Thanks again to all of our Members and community for allowing us to serve you. I’m looking forward to sharing more exciting updates with you soon.

-Chris Lotz, Founder

Note: This post is meant for informational purposes, insurance regulation and coverage specifics vary by location and person. Check your policy for exact coverage information.

For additional questions,
reach out to us – we’re happy to help.

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