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Goodcover Member Dividend 2021

Honest, transparent, and prudent with members’ money as all insurance should be. The Goodcover Member Dividend has arrived.

Explained: difference between Additional Interest and Named Insured, and what you need to know.

Insurance industry terms can be confusing. It also doesn’t help when the words are so similar. Don’t take it personally. Even landlords can confuse the terms and end up asking their tenants for the wrong information. Leading our support team, I see various types of questions and confusions around insurance, and it's our duty to help bring clarity. Among the most common mixups we come across are members asking to include their landlord or property management company in their policy as a nam

How it Works: The Regulation of Insurance Companies, aka How Goodcover Offers Lower Prices

The regulation of insurance companies is vital for consumer protection. Read on to learn about how it works and how Goodcover can offer low prices

Goodcover 1st Anniversary Highlights

One year ago we launched our modern renters insurance offering to all Californians. Here’s a recap of an uneventful... scratch that, historic year...

Goodcover's Series A Funding: Accelerating Affordable Renters Insurance Offering in California and Beyond

At Goodcover, our mission is to elevate financial peace of mind with affordable and effective insurance for all. We launched [] earlier this year with our first product, modern renters insurance. Today we’re announcing funding that will accelerate delivering on that mission. Our $7.5M Series A financing is led by Goodwater Capital, with participation from Fuel Capital, Broadhaven Ventures, Global Founders Capital, Liquid 2, a

Goodcover Member Dividend 2020

Members get a dividend this year of 1.89%. Goodcover is modeled after a cooperative where members premiums are pooled together to cover claims. Any unused portion is returned to them as an annual dividend.

Evictions & Rent Relief: resources for renters during COVID-19

This pandemic has impacted everyone, but unlike for homeowners, the help available for renters has been limited and scattered. To help tenants find information during this time, we’ve created a resource page for renters [] to help them find organizations supporting renters and their rights. Most frequent questions are coming around evictions, a last resort dispute between a landlord and a tenant that can lead to dire circumstances. To

Is insurance more expensive in Black neighborhoods?

Black neighborhoods pay 20% more in renters insurance. With the recent Black Lives Matter protests much of society has been re-examining explicit and implicit sources of discrimination against Black people in America. What are the conscious and unconscious ways our society and economy harm Black citizens? Housing and its associated cost has historically played a critical role in institutionalizing racism and segregation. Even insurance companies have historically discriminated against Black pe

Coronavirus and Crime – what the COVID is happening in SF?

Coronavirus and crime trends, a look at the impact COVID19 and stay-at-home order is having in San Francisco.

Why is Renter's Insurance Required by some Landlords?

Landlords have begun requiring tenants to buy renter's insurance, we go into the details on the rationale behind that. They are after one specific protection...

Displaced by a crisis like COVID-19? What to know about your renters insurance coverage.

If you’ve had to move because of the COVID-19 crisis, you might be asking the status of your insurance: is my stuff still covered? Do I need to update my insurer? Is my insurance going to get cancelled? We’ve been fielding these questions from our Members as colleges and universities have shut campuses, people have moved home to be with family, and some such as nurses and EMTs have temporarily moved to be closer to their life-saving work. (PS If you are a medical responder, we’d love to pay the

COVID-19: Free Renters Insurance for Medical Responders

Goodcover is offering Nurses, Doctors, and other medical responders free renters insurance for the rest of 2020.

Goodcover is a modern, fair, cooperative renters insurance starting at $5/mo.

Our mission is to build a community of Members enjoying financial peace of mind at the lowest possible cost. Get your instant quote and become a Member today; if you’re switching we’ll do the work for you and you’ll get a refund of anything you’ve prepaid.

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