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Trusted and loved by our members

Goodcover is a refreshing take on insurance. Enjoy moden, fair, and cooperative insurance designed with renters in mind.

Goodcover is modern, fair, cooperative renters insurance.

Our mission is to build a community of Members enjoying financial peace of mind at the lowest possible cost. Get your instant quote and become a Member today; if you’re switching we’ll do the work for you and you’ll get a refund of anything you’ve prepaid.

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Tech Crunch

Tech Crunch

The twist? Goodcover returns unclaimed premiums to policy holders at the end of the year.

– Jordan C.

Brenda E.

Brenda E.

I just got rid of Lemonade to use Goodcover. I'm extremely impressed!!

Product Hunt

Zhao L

I had great experience using your insurance, and I have already recommended it to the new tenant.

Goodcover Member

Jennifer T.

Wonderful insurance company.

Goodcover Member

Colin W.

I work in a leasing office and often refer people to Goodcover for a cheap renters insurance to meet our standards.

Goodcover Member

Lawrence G.

You guys are awesome!

Goodcover Member