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Goodcover Reaches New Milestone; Now Serves Half of U.S. Renters

Goodcover Reaches New Milestone; Now Serves Half of U.S. Renters

I’m excited to share this news: Goodcover is expanding to Georgia, Illinois, Ohio, New York, and Pennsylvania! Now, half of all U.S. renters have instant and easy access to Goodcover’s fair, landlord-approved renters insurance.

Our path to this point has been full of adaptation. Since our last update, we’ve navigated the shifting landscape of the insurance market, fine-tuned our pricing, and adjusted our coverage to serve our Members better. Those changes proved to be pivotal and set us up to bring renters insurance to renters in these new states.

This expansion is about more than adding new states to our coverage map; it’s a significant step towards fulfilling our mission of bringing fair, transparent, and waste-free insurance to renters nationwide. 

If you’re hearing about Goodcover for the first time, I’d love to share what sets us apart. Keep reading to learn about:

  • The Goodcover Difference
  • Coverage in Georgia, Illinois, Ohio, New York, and Pennsylvania
  • Goodcover Auto - Customized for Goodcover Members
  • How to Join Goodcover

The Goodcover Difference: Streamlined, Fair, and Transparent

Goodcover is founded on the principles of speed, fairness, and transparency. We believe insurance should make money by helping people, not by arbitraging them to make the most money or trying to confuse them. With Goodcover, you’ll experience:

Efficiency at your fingertips: Get a quote faster than you can listen to your favorite song, and bind your policy from the comfiest spot on the couch – no agents, no paperwork, no big fuss.

Instant coverage, constant protection: Landlords demand quick proof of insurance, and Goodcover delivers. Our instant, available-from-any-device insurance policies mean you can insure your new place swiftly, creating a solid first impression with your landlord. Plus, you can adjust your coverage anytime right from our self-service Member Dashboard.

Cutting costs, not corners: Goodcover doesn’t show off or own expensive real estate, and we don't splurge on celebrity spokespeople for ads or sporting events. Instead, we pool all Members’ money and use it purposefully to service you and pay your claims – just how it should be.

Transparent pricing: Our business model is simple: we take a 20 percent flat fee for our operating costs and use the other 80% to pay claims. If we have anything left over, we return it to our Members via our Annual Member Dividend.  

That’s pretty different from most of our competitors, who are incentivized to make your experience with them more difficult. Each claim they pay out takes away from their bottom line. They make their customers jump through hoops, which has led to the negative reputation many insurance providers have today.

Depending on your state, you might see a few different fees. These are straightforward but vary based on regulatory filings. Our aim remains to provide you with complete transparency, so fees will be clearly displayed and explained before you join and on all your documents. If you’re unsure about a fee, contact us – we’re here to help.

Quote from Goodcover Member: "Goodcover is just what it says it is! I was able to get much better insurance coverge for half the price of my old plan. Had I stuck with the same coverage amounts of my old plan, I would have paid a quarter of the price!" -Joanna, San Francisco

What does renters insurance cover in Georgia, Illinois, Ohio, New York, and Pennsylvania?

In our new states, you can look forward to the same transparent, Member-focused approach that’s defined us. Here’s what you can expect when you purchase a Goodcover policy:

Liability Protection: Every Goodcover renters insurance policy includes liability coverage. This protects you if you’re found legally liable for another person’s injury or property damage. It also covers your legal expenses, the injured party’s medical bills, lost wages, and the cost of repairing damaged property. This is your landlord’s top – and usually only – insurance requirement. Goodcover’s policies are designed to check this box easily, so you can move into your new place without a hitch. Plus, we can directly send your policy details to your landlord for proof of insurance – just give us their email or physical address.

Personal Property Coverage: This protection kicks in if your personal belongings are stolen or damaged due to a covered loss (like fire, theft, or certain types of water damage). You’ll have full coverage at home and 10% of the total coverage when you’re out of the house – even in another country. So if a fire destroys your living room or your laptop gets swiped while vacationing in Europe, renters insurance can help ease the burden of replacing your stuff. We protect all items at replacement cost value, so you’ll receive what it costs to replace them with new items, not their depreciated value.

Loss of Use / Temporary Housing Coverage: This coverage goes by many names: loss of use, temporary housing, and Coverage D. All it means is that your renters insurance will reimburse you for additional living expenses if your home is inhabitable due to a covered loss. For instance, if your apartment is damaged in a fire and it takes four weeks to repair, and your monthly rent is $1,000, but your temporary hotel accommodation costs $1,250 during that time, this coverage will reimburse you for the difference in expenses ($250).

To learn more about insurance in your specific state, check out our insurance guides:

Goodcover Auto - Customized for Goodcover Members

Our mission is fair finance for renters extends beyond renters insurance. 

Renters can pay up to 11% more in car insurance just because they’re renters and seen as higher risk than their homeowning counterparts. That doesn’t seem fair to us. So earlier this year, we launched Goodcover Auto – a service designed to help you find competitive car insurance rates from top insurers to bundle with your Goodcover renters insurance policy. 

Renters in our newly-covered states will have access to Goodcover Auto upon signing up for a Goodcover Renters Insurance policy. We’ll import all relevant details from your renters insurance profile to help you save time on your car insurance search. Plus, you may qualify for additional savings through multi-line discounts by being a Goodcover Member.

To learn more about Goodcover Auto, read our announcement post – it’s got everything you’ll want to know about this service.

Join Goodcover on Our Fair Finance Journey

Perhaps you or a loved one can now get Goodcover with this expansion, and we’d love to welcome you. If you’re a renter in one of the nine states we operate in and ready for a different type of relationship with your renters insurance service, take the first step and get your free quote today. 

For those in other states, hang tight – we’re coming soon!

We’re pioneering a movement for fair finance. We believe in a future where renters’ needs are prioritized, and we’re determined to make that a reality. Join us – together, we can make speed, fairness, and transparency the norm, not the exception. 

Get started with Goodcover today.

Note: This post is meant for informational purposes; insurance regulation and coverage specifics vary by location and person. Check your policy for exact coverage information.

For additional questions, 
reach out to us – we’re happy to help.

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