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Goodcover Monthly Roundup March 2022

Goodcover Monthly Roundup  March 2022

Welcome to the Goodcover Monthly Roundup!

We’re recapping stories that could impact renters across the nation in this new series. Stay up-to-date with news for renters and learn more about how Goodcover helps the modern renter plan ahead for life’s surprises.

Here’s what’s caught our attention this month:

Is the Internet Monopoly Over?: The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) wants to increase internet service provider competition in apartment buildings. Renters and condo dwellers could theoretically benefit from this new decision.

The Redline Effect: This month, The New York Times shared new data about how pollution across the country aligns with redlined neighborhood maps from the 1930s. While we’ve started to recognize that redlining has led to the long-term decline of specific neighborhoods, we can now visualize the environmental impact – and the pattern is nationwide.

The Trilith Neighborhood: A Model for the Future?: A live-work community in Atlanta, Trilith offers an “intentionally designed” neighborhood with walkable access to entertainment, dining, and shopping for makers and creatives. Could it be the model for walkable, European-style neighborhoods in the United States?

Something’s Gotta Give: The New York Times published a recent report by Zumper showing rents have risen across the nation. CNBC notes that in some areas like Austin, TX, rents have risen up to 40%. Bloomberg reports it’s harder to rent a home than to buy one in today’s market.

Insurance & Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: The Insurance Commissioners of California and Georgia are urging insurers to discontinue financial support for Russia. Both leaders asked insurers to divest themselves of assets and property that helps finance the Russian government.

As 2022 rolls on, we’ll continue to share updates about what’s new in the insurance, finance, and housing world. What’s something that caught your attention this month that you think renters need to know? Join the conversation on Twitter and let us know what we missed.

See you next month!

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